Katt Tait is a singer, actor, writer, and creativity catalyst on a mission to spread joy worldwide… one artistic endeavour at a time. She elevates vibrations with her distinctive sound & colorful presence while blurring boundaries and jumping genres. Katt brings personality to everything she touches…soul.


Katt’s artistic journey has lead her to create unique projects like First Instrument: The Voice, an a Cappella workshop for schools, and an improvisational music collaboration, Spontaneous Combustion.


Since launching her one-woman, a Cappella drama, Black Magic: Songs Unchained, celebrating the birth of the Negro Spirituals, at Scotland’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015, Katt’s new zeal is to eradicate racism in our world. Critics call Katt’s work “brave, bold, raw, & powerful”.

Katt Tait, Yves Z. et  Jean-Christophe Piccard – Happy Accident