His first reaction was to tell it to his friend Michel (27, an unknown guitar player), who at the time was surfing on the famous freezing spot of the Château de Glerolles on the Lake of Geneva. Immediately they were convinced that they had to bring back the spirit & sound of their wild rockin’ancestors.


They asked the two most beautiful & gorgeous girls in town (Julia & Maude), to play bass and organ in their newly founded band:


The GIANT ROBOTS were born.”


After the debut 7’’ ‘‘Introducing...’ and ‘‘Invasion’’ CD The Robots striked back with a single (A Super Robot E.P.) which has included, for the very first time, a hit song in french! Then, they released the world acclaimed ‘‘Too Young to Know Better... Too Hard to Care’’ on the unfamous Reverend Beatman’s Voodoo Rhythm label.


Nowadays, they’re proud to present their new opus “Delightfully Refreshing’’ on the Soundflat Records, the tittyshaker label aus Cologne. Recorded in 5 days in the Toe Rag studio in London by the analogic guru Liam Watson, this new album brings back the spirit of mid-60’s rock’n’roll - yéyé!


Last but not least, Guy the english guy, has fullfilled the minimum requirement to be now the GR second guitar smasher! Welcome to the club!

The Giant Robots are now ready to conquer the Universe!!!


And a new 7 inch EP is planned to be released soon. Stay tuned!


Tanguy Ausloos, Michel Chevalley, Julia Litzen, Maude Oswald